This introduction could begin with the cliched ‘Our clients are our passion’ but then we would be lying, honestly.


We care deeply about producing communication solutions that are user-friendly, engaging, shareable and considerate of all levels of education that is present within a targeted audience.

We’re passionate about the people we will be communicating to because they will determine the return of our clients’ investment in our ability to create, develop and deliver brand messaging that is striking, comprehended and remembered.

We love trying new methods, new ways of testing communication assets and experimenting with different media platforms because we understand that there’s no standard formula to follow when it comes to engaging with an audience.

We pursue projects that give us a chance to enable our clients with the skills and knowledge they need, to use the messaging tools and platforms that are already at their disposable. We audit the business tools and client skills set to determine if the current communication processes are being used efficiently, making recommendations when needed.


There will always be a place for printed communication collateral despite the influx of digital media. There are still many people who prefer a hardcopy document to a digital version. We generally design to accommodate all reading preferences of an audience whether a document is meant for print or not.

Copywriting, conceptual design and technical design are part of our professional offering.

We care about the accessibility of the information – making sure we’re helping you build trust by providing collateral that is consistent and a visual pleasure to read. If you chose print media for your solution our capabilities range from pamphlets to annual reports.

We’re happy to collaborate. Delivering consistent brand messaging is high on our list of priorities. There should be no ambiguity about writing style or brand look and feel. It is important that we work with a Corporate CI to ensure we get the concept right – this is relevant regardless of what media is chosen to get your message across.


There is so much you can do with new media. Where traditional media is used to spread messaging to a more controlled audience with new media that finds its place in the Digital space, your audience is global if that is what you want.

New media methods and platforms like bulk email sending and interactive pdfs offer tangible ways to measure the effectiveness of a communication.

Our capabilities include re-usable email templates, interactive pdfs, digital publications, responsive websites, social media templates and gaming technologies.

There are new developments in communication technology everyday so there’s always something new to delve in to – we’re fast learners that love sharing knowledge.

We love the fact that New media allows immediate responses from an audience and has the advantage when it comes to measuring how well a communication campaign did, provided we have all the necessary markers in place. It is also worthy to know that printing is optional when it comes to these types of communications.


Going digital is fast becoming the route to take when it comes to executing a communication campaign.

Flexibility, instant delivery, measurability and a smörgåsbord of digital platforms to satiate the appetite of any brand ambassador – these are the characteristics of a digital campaign. More than anything though, it’s all about using these tools intelligently to deliver useful and compelling communication to an audience that has a limited time to view long laborious narratives.

We’re intense about developing strategies that will please the people who are generous enough to give us their attention. Our digital strategies focus on all user preferences (cellphones, mobile devices, laptops, desktops).



There are so many new tools and systems available to make delivering communications easier but it is meaningless without the skills to use them efficiently. We have enabled many of our clients to manage their own digital assets and continue to train them so that their messages and returns on investment are forever optimised. We use a mixture of different technologies like Microsoft Office, Adobe software and hardware, Bulk email sending platforms, digital publication platforms and IBM Watson Marketing tools. We audit software and hardware, make recommendations, oversee execution and provide trouble-shooting support.

We’re eager to share our knowledge and experience. What’s the point of having skills if you cannot use them or share them with others? We find that by broadening the scope of our clients skills they begin to understand the higher purpose of communication that is consistent, useful, relevant and accessible to the targeted audience.


Capiche Publishing and Design Ingenuity was established with the aim of providing superior levels of services in the field of Communications.

The company is a level 1 BBBEE contributorwith a female majority shareholder.


Randburg, Johannesburg

082 054 1405


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